Antigravity for Power and Propulsion

july 11, 2017

Antigravity for Power and Propulsion

The Carbon Age is over. The hydrocarbon economy has caused the #1 international security threat to our species today- global climate change- and must be terminated immediately if human civilization is to survive the 21st century

Luckily, we have 2 key free, non-polluting energy sources that can not only provide unlimited amounts of free electrical energy into our homes and businesses (zero point energy), but also provide us with free and unlimited non-polluting forms of power and propulsion (antigravitic energy). Antigravitic free energy will provide human civilization with unlimited mobility anywhere on Earth and in space, and give us the power systems we need in order to shift into air based dimensions of human and cargo transportation. There will be no more gas pumps, no more cargo ships to fill with crude oil and no more jet fuel to fly our airplanes with. Most importantly, there will be no more hydrocarbon pollution emitted from the burning of fossil fuels. This is how we will end the threat of global warming

Currently, both zero point and antigravitic free energy propulsion systems are locked up in the black vaults of the global military industrial complex. Most of todays sightings of UFO craft are, in fact, advanced antigravitic craft developed by the world's militaries (predominently in the black budget labs in the USA). Saucer type craft and the control of antigravitic power for lift, propulsion and flight was actually first achieved back in 1954. So, the technology readily exists, it just needs to be introduced to the world community, mass produced and incorporated into the new 3rd dimensional air/space transportation corridor that is projected to evolve once we abandon the antiquated and highly destructive 19th century based hydrocarbon economy

Steve Jones
Global Environmentalist
Sisters, Oregon


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